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This pilot offer empowers you to:

  • Effectively train new employees
  • Refine and manage your workflow
  • Provide direct support to technicians
  • Manage your teams through KPI within our platform
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled technicians


What people are saying about the XOi Pilot Program:

“I’m receiving good feedback on the pace and delivery of the training. More importantly, a majority of the team has used the technology to take video in the last 24 hours – a great testament to the efforts your team put in to get us ready. I am excited about how we move forward from here! The XOi team has really exceeded my expectations for helping us be successful.”

“XOi approached our deployment as if it was theirs, with a designed plan, a manageable process, and an approach from day one that made sense for our teams and our business.”

“The XOi team has been great to work with and true rockstars when it comes to helping us figure out this new technology.”