Start Your 30-Day Pilot Journey Today!

Empower your technicians to solve problems faster.

- Effectively train new employees
- Refine & manage your workflow
- Provide direct support to technicians
- Manage your teams through KPI within our platform
- Increase customer satisfaction & retention
- Bridge the gap between skilled & unskilled                           technicians

Scroll down to see what our clients had to say about their pilot experience with Vision™.

The BP Group


Our Real Clients

What our clients had to say about their pilot experience.

“XOi approached our deployment as if it was theirs, with a designed plan, a manageable process, and an approach from day one that made sense for our teams and our business.”

“I’m receiving good feedback on the pace and delivery of the training. More importantly, a majority of the team has used the technology to take video in the last 24 hours – a great testament to the efforts XOi put in to get us ready. I am excited about how we move forward from here! The XOi team has really exceeded my expectations for helping us be successful.”

“The XOi team has been great to work with and true rockstars when it comes to helping us figure out this new technology.”

screenshotsFour reasons your pilot journey will be stress free.

1. We are completely dedicated to the success of your 30-day pilot.

We’ve worked with many field service companies and we know exactly how to help you make the most out of your pilot.

2. We will execute your pilot in a minimally intrusive way.

We don’t need to reinvent existing workflow and processes that are working well for your business.

3. Worry-free setup in the Cloud.

Pilots are executed in the Vision™ cloud solution which is fully managed by our IT professionals. The only thing you’ll need to install is the Vision™ mobile app.

4. Getting started is quick and easy, and we help you through each step.

Once you’ve defined the success metrics for your pilot, you're ready to begin leveraging the power of Vision™.  And the startup steps couldn’t be easier.

For more information on our painless pilot process, click here.